Do you have room on your plate?


This season every title of the QBR interviews will double up as a journal prompt for our community's exploration. This week's prompt is brought to us by my conversation with Abigail Davidson

For me, when I think about my plate, here's what's true, right now...

Abigail Ep prompt.png

Yes, thankfully, I do have room on my plate. That's the black and white answer. The more colorful truth? I have become fiercely protective of my 'life plate' and it's not so much as what I have on it as it is about how I feel when I look at it.

The result of using that lens means I am challenging myself to crowd out and eventually all together eliminate what doesn't make me feel the way I want. Which means my tendencies towards perfectionism, over-giving, not wanting to hurt people's feelings, and saying yes to too many things, are what's really being challenged. 

To me, our plates are a reflection of what we are currently prioritizing. And S P A C E is a priority of mine, so my aim is to always have room on my plate because...I believe empty can receive. And because S P A C E strengthens my ability to discern what'll truly benefit , me and those I serve, by being on my plate at any given point in time.  Making it a fluid, ever evolving experience and an invitational offering to get closer to your inner guidance.

What about you Brave? What comes up for you when you think about this question? Feel called to deepen your practice? Check out 10 more journey prompts inspired by my convo with Abigail.