Is this coming from love or is this coming from fear?


This season every title of the QBR interviews will double up as a journal prompt for our community's exploration. This week's prompt is brought to us by my conversation with Lauren Barber.

For me, right now here's the main topic I'm using to explore this question...

Lauren Ep Prompt.png

Holding off on creating a paid community project/experience- this is coming from fear....

Despite how deeply I know my dearest Braves are resonating with the message and mission of quiet brave living, I am afraid that even if I build the raddest, realest container, for them to gather and grow (together), no one will pay to show up to the party. There is something very real and insidious about the fears that come up when you decide to put a price tag on something that matters to you. 

I am afraid I will put nonrefundable time and energy into something that might be put out there before it's time. I'm also deeply afraid that I'll either over-promise and under-deliver or over-deliver to the point of burn out.  I'm afraid it won't be different enough and that eventually I'll run out of things to say. 

Here's the catch. Since I am a firm practitioner of alignment before action, I know that if I put it out there not having dealt with underlying fears and worries, the seed is automatically tainted and will grow with that anxiety inside it's roots. No thank you.

So while  I am deeply uncomfortable with all of this, and even more uncomfortable sharing it in this public space, for all to see, I know with all my heart, that effort will never matter as much as  how I feel about it first. And so that's where I'll be. Working through my fears, until I get to a place where thinking about the idea makes me feel a different way, and until the different way, is the most dominate feeling I have. Notice how I didn't say the only feeling, just the most dominate. That's when I'll know I'm coming from a place of love. That's when I'll know I'm ready for the next piece. Stay tuned!

What about you Brave? What comes up for you when you think about this question? Feel called to deepen your practice? Check out 8 more journey prompts inspired by my convo with Lauren.