Who am I already and learning how to be more of?


This season every title of the QBR interviews will double up as a journal prompt for our community's exploration. This week's prompt is brought to us by my conversation with Morgan Wade.

For me, right now, this is who I am already and learning how to be more of...

Morgan Ep Prompt.png

I am supported: Despite the current ebb and flow of anxiety, brought on feeling called to commit to my creative expression as full time gig, I know this to be true. 

I am amazingly connected to my intuition and trusting my choices to be heart led. And every day is a lesson in deepening that trust and knowing. 

I am a good mom: Despite often dealing with waves of emotions, including guilt, shame, anger, confusion and exhaustion, from mom life, I know I'm a good mom.

I am consistently watching to be sure my language both verbal and not are a true reflection of the message I want to send. I constantly put down my ego to show my son, I am human and not immune to fucking up. I am learning to be more kind to myself when it comes to giving myself credit that I am raising another human being, as consciously as I can. 

I am conscious creator: Despite a nurtured relationship I've built with Universal Laws. I still fumble and forget my power as a vibrational vessel and hand that power over to being validated by others, comparison, doubt, and fears of rejection.

I do however, always realize what I'm doing and take my power back in all the ways I practice my relationship to the Universe, all while staying open for other ways to deepen our bond. 

And right now, that's where I'm at.

What about you Brave? What comes up for you when you think about this question? Feel called to deepen your practice? Check out 11 more journey prompts inspired by my convo with Morgan.