Who am I and what am I here to do?


This season every title of the QBR interviews will double up as a journal prompt for our community's exploration. This week's prompt is brought to us by my conversation with Caty Pasternak.

For me, right now, this is who I am and what am I here to do...

Caty EP Prompt.png

Today's prompt feels rather loaded and with reason. The idea of exploring who I am and what I've come here to do, is something I've thought about my entire life. 

Today I am....

I am a child of the cosmos, so acutely aware of how important and unimportant I am as being of this planet. I am taking care of myself in a new way because I feel things in a very deep way and if I don't focus on the good in the world, I easily become overwhelmed by it's troubles. 

I am a dreamer who believes in the potential of the human heart. I am a woman trying to navigate what it means to create, connect, consume and care in a way that allows me to feel like I am doing something with my life, without getting so busy that I miss out on what really matters. And sometimes I forget and I am unable to tell the difference.

Today I am here to ...

Forgive myself for the unconscious decisions I made before remembering my true nature. I am here to let myself be seen, without letting my fears keep me from standing in my light and living out my truth. I am here to try, over and over, for the rest of my life, to show up for my desires. As they stand true today and as they evolve. I am here to be human, to make mistakes and find my way.

What about you Brave? What comes up for you when you think about this question? Feel called to deepen your practice? Check out 9 more journey prompts I created inspired by my convo with Caty.