she is the quiet brave



Her skin comes in all shades.
Her body in all sizes. 
She'd rather uplift what she loves,
than tear down what she despises. 
She more interested in exploration,
than in rules she didn't write.
And cares most about making a difference,
than needing to be "right".
She still makes mistakes
and she's not immune to self-doubt.
She’s just more devoted to unfolding,
then she is to “figuring it out”.
She is a multi-faceted human,
with a mountain sized heart,
who has learned accepting where you are,
is the best place we can start.
She knows the conversation’s layered,
and in one way or another it all connects.
To her, this isn't about being perfect
but about giving it her best.
And everyday She stands firmly planted,
on the land that she loves, 
and promises, no matter what,
never to give up. 
On herself, on others,
or the message they've come to share
That we can create with courage,
and consume with care.
And in Knowing her choices matter,
so she grows more deliberate with each day.
Choosing to rise and invite the challenge,
She is the quiet brave.


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