Mountains and Miracles are private audio letters about how to use my life’s lessons as a launchpad for your own courageous living exploration.

This is not your typical list. This in fact this is not list at all. I’ve let go of the normal email exchange model in honor of something more mindful of my energy and more meaningful to create.

This offering is meant to bring me closer to the womxn who already resonates deeply with my work. Especially my podcast and Instagram shares.

She can see herself in me.

She loves the idea of hearing me share, very candidly about how my (unfolding) experiences are shaping how I show up for my own conscious living practice.

She finds solace in my shares.

She honors my willingness to show how messy as well as magical, it can all be. All the while knowing, I will always be on the look out for how we can apply new lenses to these life lessons.