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Quiet brave radio

Quiet Brave Radio, hosted by Artist and (soon to be) Author, Vana Feliciano, is a podcast dedicated to the practice of being a conscious woman. Thoughtfully designed to explore this lifestyle in a way that’s deliberate and digestible, our seasons are themed collections. Dubbed inspirational, motivational and relatable, this podcast is a MUST listen for any woman who is more devoted to unfolding, than she is to figuring it out.


Season Four

Permission to Practice

Directly inspired by my upcoming guided journal, our fourth season goes behind the scenes and into the lives of women who consciously use the art of journaling to courageously move through the world. Through storytelling, every month, we’ll explore the difference this practice has had on their relationships to goals, self care, money, boundaries, healing, love and so much more. Listen in to be inspired and encouraged to create and cultivate your own way of journaling, by giving yourself permission to practice.

Season One:

More Than One Way


Our first season debuted as a solo hosted, mini-workshop style podcast. Start with our pre-launch episode to learn about me, why I started this project and who benefits from listening in. Then, journey through nine episodes and 27 familiar ideas, where I use a series of examples and questions to spark your exploration off air and in your day to day life. It's been called deep while remaining practical and a notebook may come in handy. Just sayin'.

Season Two: 

What Does It Mean to You


Our second season continues with solocasts and introduces interviews. Cozy up and dive into the personal stories of nine amazing women. Get to know each one as they share about their younger years, memorable shifts, favorite practices, how they define conscious living and more. Each interview title doubles as a writing prompt for you to explore. And if you want to go a little deeper, our conversations inspired a prompt library.

Season Three: 

A Return to Love


Our third season invites you into a weekly experiment. Inspired by my desire to live a life where my decisions are based more on love and less on fear; I challenged myself and my practice in the most public way I've ever explored. By harnessing the healing power of social accountability, from week to week, I shared deeply personal stories and the lessons they were teaching me, as they unfolded.

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