EP 23: When you're living your truth...


Kayla has just entered the dawn of a new decade (hello thirty) and the rise of exciting new tides have come with it.

A marriage proposal. The launch of her energetic awakening program ‘ChakraFit’. Plans for a new home that she, her long-haired man and fluffy little pooch can call their own. 

She’s a left-handed, hula-hooping, music-loving wellness mentor who is terrible at remembering numbers, dates and the price of bananas.

She has a strong aversion to anything artificial/over commercialised and feels uneasy about being disconnected from nature; which makes shopping centres her kryptonite!  

At the time of this broadcast, Kayla can be found in a quaint studio flat amongst peaceful surrounds in Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia. When she is not taking radio interviews you can find her eyes-closed breathing into a long stretch, concocting a hot cacao/turmeric/medicinal mushroom tonic (yum!), struggling with over-filled bags at the farmers market or dashing in and out of the ocean for the quickest swim you ever did see.

She nerds out over astrology, crystals and flower essences and has a strong reverence for the vast intelligence ‘beyond the mind’

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  • Young Kayla's life as a highly sensitive, people pleasing, dreamer who struggled to know who she was without the expectations of others.

  • Kayla's first marriage and what natural medicine taught her about alignment.

  • Learning to see being an empath as a gift and part of her purpose.

  • The relationship between alignment and discernment and how to live your truth, no matter what others are doing.

  • Living your healthiest and happiest life beyond food, and more!


Carly Stephen

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